Custom jewellery

Means that I can create jewellery responding one-to-one to your wishes, needs and expectations in respect of:

  • Style
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Material & components
  • Price


This means also in practice, that I can adjust, adapt or resize the pieces, such as:

  • Change bracelet or necklace length
  • Change the colour of the stones or beads used in an existing design
  • Change type or colour of necklace cord or chain
  • Change out the type of clasp
  • Change style or type of earrings
  • Repair your older jewellery pieces


In the impersonal massive consumption world is customizing and personalizing a very important aspect for customers with higher expectations.

  • Do you like some of the designs on my website, but the sizes available or the actual colour of the piece are not fitting your needs?
  • Have you seen lately in some magazine a piece you loved but do not know where to buy it?
  • Have your friend bought a piece and you would love to have something similar according to your exact wish?
  • Have you bought a stunning dress or blouse but you do not have any jewellery to match it with?
  • Is your wrist too tiny or too large to buy jewellery commercially available?
  • Are you seeking for a jewellery piece made of a special stone or beads?


 D. Kittler (c)

Then contact me and I will create a piece responding to all your expectations!