Aventurine flower

34.99 €


These attractive asymmetrical earstuds are made with mixing the green aventurine nuggets and diagonal cubes with silver plated brass nuggets - fixed to sterling silver earstuds.

Size: 5 & 5,5 cm

Something about

Aventurine – is a member of the quartz family. Although most commonly found in green, it may also to manifest as orange to red, brown, yellow, blue or grey. It is a translucent stone with mineral inclusions that give it a shimmery appearance. It is often mistaken for jade. Major deposits are found in India & China.

It is a stone of Libra in the Zodiac circle.

Aventurine is believed to enhance creativity and imagination and promote mental clarity. Its energy is gentle and supportive.

Green aventurine is said to be a mystical stone of prosperity that can bring friendship into the bearer’s life.

Wear aventurine as a stone of harmony, you may also meditate with aventurine to take stock of where you are and where you would like to be.