Important to know

First of all - thank you for visiting my website! I appreciate very much your interest in my work!

Actually to this date there are over thousands different designs in my inventory. The status is changing every day due to sales or new creations. It is impossible for me to upload on this website all the products available! :(  I have uploaded some dozens of different creations in all price categories - some very designful made of costly materials - some others much easier to make and to wear, so much less expensive. In case you would like very much some creation but you would not afford it - I will propose you cheaper realisation with slightly different components, keeping though the original design. :) 

I will try to add new items and update all categories the best and as often as I can. If you want to be informed about these updates - please subscribe to Jewel Your Life newsletter! You would then get it 1-2 times in a month with the information about the upcoming events and of course the jewellery novelties.

As you already noticed, I tried to categorize my jewellery creations into several categories - such as Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Others (which include Rings, Brooches, Belts, Pins, Anklets etc...) But I have four Special collections - which are unique by the components used. These are: Blooming, Tahitian black pearls, Natural shells and Zulugrass - and here all categories are mixed. So if you are f.i. looking for a pair of earrings - do visit as well these Special collections - as there are plenty of earrings to be find over there. I just did not want to upload these twice.

Also I wanted to stress the fact, that if you like a pair of earrings, bracelet or necklace - but in the overview it is in another color that you need or want - click anyhow on the picture as then in the product specification there might be photos of this creation in other colors. :)

In case you couldn’t find this time what you’ve been looking for – please, contact me and let me know what you were missing. With a great chance I might have it on stock – or design it especially for you on short notice! :)

Also - I know it is difficult to appreciate some pieces at their value on such small images... I invite you to let me know which piece you would like to get in few high resolution photos so that you can see all the important details.



Last but not least - I am a so called "asymmetrical freak" - which is translated in my collection by mostly asymmetrical designs and many times by different earrings! :)  In case you would not feel confident to wear such earrings - no problem at all, I can make you both the same, only I need to know, which design you prefer, that is all. I'm aiming at being the most service flexible company you know! ;)