Jewellery shopping service

is similar to an upscale store’s “Personal shopping service”.

Especially in the USA it is common, that upscale department stores have “Personal shopping service” consultants who assist customers with selecting clothes, gifts and other items. And this by:

  • Assessing the customer’s needs and then presenting an array of items to review in a private setting in the store
  • Selecting gifts for any occasion or recipient
  • Creating a personal profile of the customer’s gift and wardrobe preferences
  • Suggesting the most appropriate merchandise for any occasion and keeping customers updated on the latest fashion trends and store sales
  • Handling everything about gift-giving – from gift selection and alternations to gift wrapping including the chosen card and shipping/delivery
  • Providing a special occasion reminder service (birthdays, anniversaries etc.)
  • Providing of advance notice of sales and special promotions

So with my jewellery shopping service I would like to:

  • Become your consultant as well as jewellery designer
  • Create mostly one-of-a-kind pieces designed specifically for you
  • Provide sincere, creative and highly personalized customer service
  • Solve your problems related to fashion by handling all kinds of details for you
  • Build a long-term relationships with you as my customers

Why would YOU need such Jewellery shopping service?

  • You are too busy to research jewellery and gift options or go to stores and malls and search aimlessly for something
  • There is no commercially-made, locally available jewellery that suits your specific needs and tastes
  • You prefer customized products and services
  • There are too many choices and too little professional assistance when you are going to a store or shopping mall
  • You have no idea what to give when you want to give just the right gift
  • You are living in a rural area where the nearest store is a long drive away
  • It is difficult for you to get out and shop (you may be disabled, senior or you are the mother of small children…)


I can be the difference in your life and solve your gift-giving and accessorizing issues with wonderful, personalized solutions and services!

I can provide you with private jewellery showing for you or a group of your friends or/and family – at my place, at your place, at your workplace or anywhere else where we would agree for.