Jewel Your Life part of the spectacular Lýdia Eckhardt fashion show

3. 5. 2013

Jewel Your Life - prvýkrát súčasťou veľkolepej módnej show jednej z popredných slovenských módnych návrhárok - Lýdie Eckhardt

Jewel Your Life – for the first time part of a spectacular fashion show of one of the leading Slovak fashion designers - Lydia Eckhardt

Jewel Your Life - pour la première fois partie du défilé de mode spectaculaire d’une des principales créatrices de mode slovaques - Lydia Eckhardt

Jewel Your Life - erstmals Teil der spektakulären Modenschau einer der führenden slowakischen Modedesigner - Lydia Eckhardt



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E S T E T I C A C Z & S K 2013-Top časopis

1. 3. 2013

The whole page in the new Issue :)

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Exhibition in Chateau Mcely near Prague

14. 2. 2013

After one year Jewel Your Life is coming back to Czech Republic with an exclusive exhibition at Chateau Mcely


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Happy Birthday Jewel Your Life!

1. 2. 2013

Time flies - wow, Jewel Your Life is 1 year old! Thank you - all my customers, fans and friends for your support and I hope there will be many years to come! :)

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Official opening of Koruna Krásy - the "all-in-one" beauty salon

11. 1. 2013

On January 11th, there was the oficial opening of Koruna Krásy beauty salon. Why is this Salon so unique - here is the bulletin - sorry just in Slovak...


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Happy New Year 2013 with new professional photos

1. 1. 2013

Let's start this new year with some gorgeous girls and jewellery... :) Photos & Make-up by Lívia Kaminská, Hair Style by Filip Novotny. Big thanks to both of them as well as my beautiful models - Bibiánka BaltovičováÁgnes Horváth-KaszonyiDeni Mravcová a Lucia Scambora!

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Spolupráca so salónom Koruna Krásy v Bratislave

13. 12. 2012

Túžite po zmene a doposiaľ ste nemali príležitosť?
Snívate o tom, že si Vás vezme do parády tím profesionálov a konečne budete mať skvelé fotky ?
13. decembra budete v Bratislave?
Chcete predčasný vianočný darček iba a iba pre seba?

Ak ste na na všetkých 5 otázok odpovedali ANO, potom je táto jedinečná ponuka práve pre Vás ... 
a prekvapenia na záver - je to ZADARMO..

Ja síce budem za oceánom, ale tešia sa na Vás moje priatelky :)



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Rozhovor v ORF

12. 11. 2012

Pre vsetkych, ktori prepasli zive vysielanie a maju chut si vypocut prvy rozhovor so mnou v ORF... :)



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Nominácia na "Najsympatickejsiu zahranicnu Slovenku"

29. 10. 2012
Ak ma chcete podporit, mozete mi dat hlas do 29.10.2012 vecera na tomto linku! Ale uz aj tak je to velka pocta, dakujem Slovenke za vyslovenu doveru a krasny clanok!
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2nd part: New professional photos

16. 10. 2012

...also "older" women can wear my jewellery... ;)



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1st part of the new professional photos

8. 10. 2012

Young splendid photomodels wearing beautiful jewellery... :)


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"Vizážista roka 2012"

4. 10. 2012

October 4th, took place the yearly competition of "Vizazista roka 2012" which I have sponsored with a piece of jewellery - the "Blue Paua necklace"

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Eva 11/2012, Style, page 166

1. 10. 2012

The autumn started - at least officially in the calendary - and in the new  EVA magazine  you can find my in fine silver plated different leafs's jewellery pieces in this beautiful composition! :) 


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Jewellery party in Caffee 33, Svit, Slovakia

27. 9. 2012

Small town under the Hight Tatras - Svit - was a place of another JYL jewellery party, thanks to Zuzka Barboricova and her daughter Bianka, who organized this cosy event! :)


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Exhibition in Tempus club in Bratislava

20. 9. 2012

Thank you to Tempus club for having organized this pleasant afternoon and thank you to all those who came!


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Spolupráca s portálom

11. 9. 2012

Pre členov Klubu LOVENIE zľava 5% z nákupu :-)


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Exhibition in "Lightpark" in Bratislava

7. 9. 2012

Magazine EVA and myself were very pleased to have welcomed many of you to a 2-day exhibition in Bratislava! :)



Together with the chief editress of EVA - Katarína Patvarosová - the lady who organized this exhibition - and one of the many visitors - fitness lady Zora Csoborova.

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Exposition at the Night of Galleries - Poprad, Slovakia

19. 5. 2012

Here the official poster and the photo with the director of the gallery - Anna Ondrusekova - and my friend - Gabriela Majerova who initiated this event.


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European design contest 2012 - Blooming beautiful

1. 4. 2012

After last year's Top 20 - back in competition with Orchid garden set - and again in the top 20! :) 


The inspiration for this blooming design showcasing Asia’s unique natural treasure comes from a morning walk through an orchid garden in the Asian mountains.

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Presentation in Hradec Králové (CZ)

27. 3. 2012

On Tuesday March 27th Max Mara organized a fashion show featuring Jewel Your Life. It was a very successfull event - combined with wine tasting and selling of the latest models.

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Charity auction gala in Toronto

1. 3. 2012

Jewel Your Life wants to support charity actions in the world. After being addressed by a letter from Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation - I have donated a necklace called "Green with Envy" to sponsor this Gala.


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Presentation event in Prague

10. 2. 2012

On February 10th, 2012 - Isabella Stefunkova, the designer and owner of Jewel Your Life, held in Prague the first presentation of her original and unusual creations made of precious natural elements, truly unique in the Czech and European marketplace.

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Jewel Your Life - the new brand is born!

1. 2. 2012

Today it is my own birthday - a perfect day to register my own "baby" - my new brand - Jewel Your Life! :)

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European design contest 2011 – Urban Beautiful

4. 7. 2011

The 2011 theme, Urban Beautiful, was based on the inspiring and powerful urban jungle. It was meant to use bold, large crystals in mesmerising combinations of geometric forms. Mix them with chains, metal and crystal mesh in a deeply powerful palette of colours, such as amethyst, crystal night, montana and dark indigo. And finally blend it into the slick city architecture, with sharp, audacious lines – create your unique avant-garde style! This was a fabulous chance for designers to give expression to their creative talents and inspiration in this 2011 European design competition organised by E-Beads and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

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