European design contest 2012 - Blooming beautiful

1. 4. 2012

After last year's Top 20 - back in competition with Orchid garden set - and again in the top 20! :) 


The inspiration for this blooming design showcasing Asia’s unique natural treasure comes from a morning walk through an orchid garden in the Asian mountains.

The morning dew - translated by more than 150 Swarovski bicones sparkling on leafs (30 Swarovski Crystal Lily pendants) and incredibly beautiful orchids as the sun rises to greet a new day. The set features also nine real Thai orchid flowers (Dendrobium hybrid, mini Cattaleya, Phalaenopsis, Dorites pulcherima & Ascocentrum) electroplated in sterling silver as well as real rose petals - petrol colored and coated. The lustre of natural fresh water pearl keshis gives the ultimate touch to my composition, reminding me of the finest Asian silk.



My design was shown at the London jewellery week show (on the black display right down):

After the show, the jury in Swarovski headquarters was deciding about the top 3...
It is pity, that again this year I did not made it under the winners... Congratulation to them and maybe it will work next time... :)