Custom jewellery

...means that I can create jewellery responding one-to-one to your wishes, needs and expectations in respect of: Style, Size, Colour, Material & Components or Price

This means also in practice, that I can adjust, adapt or resize the pieces.

In the impersonal massive consumption world is customizing and personalizing a very important aspect for customers with higher expectations.

Just contact me and I will create a piece responding to all your expectations!  more >>


Gift service a wonderful solution to all your gift-giving problems!

In fact, statistic show that jewellery ranks among the top gift choices for many occasions, including Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Wedding anniversaries, Graduations and Mother’s day.

As jewellery artist I am the right person to provide such gift for you – either you are an individual or a business organization who needs “corporate gifts” for the best employees or/and customers. more>>



Jewellery shopping service similar to an upscale store’s “Personal shopping service”.

I can be the difference in your life and solve your gift-giving and accessorizing issues with wonderful, personalized solutions and services!

I can provide you with private jewellery showing for you or a group of your friends or/and family – at my place, at your place, at your workplace or anywhere else where we would agree for. more>>


Wardrobe match & file

After long years working in fashion business I have an artistic eye and can put together attractive and flattering looks.

You might have full closets of clothes and accessories but do not know how to combine them into great outfits for every occasion?

If it’s your case, we might fix an appointment at your home and I will help you to bring out all your clothes, shoes, purses, hats, jackets…

Just contact me and I will assist you in a most professional and confidential way to help you with any kind of your wardrobe issue! more>>