Wardrobe match & file

After long years working in fashion business I have an artistic eye and can put together attractive and flattering looks.

You might have full closets of clothes and accessories but do not know how to combine them into great outfits for every occasion?

If it’s your case, we might fix an appointment at your home and I will help you to bring out all your clothes, shoes, purses, hats, jackets…

  • I will assist you in putting them together and…
  • I will match the jewellery from my inventory to your outfits or design custom pieces to match your outfits.
  • Last but not least – I can create a picture catalogue from your entire actual wardrobe that will facilitate you your everyday or special occasion decision and dilemma or every woman – “What shall I wear???”


Why would you need a wardrobe-matching consultation?

  • You have too much clothes – you even lost the overview what everything you might find in your closets - and you don’t know if the older pieces are still in fashion and if, then how to combine all these clothes and accessories to create great looks
  • You bought a new Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter wardrobe and you need some great jewellery to match it
  • You need to decide what to wear for a class reunion, vacation or business trip – and create jewellery to go with each outfit you’ll be wearing
  • You have lost or out the weight and therefore need a help with accessorizing your new wardrobe and new look
  • You have just received a promotion or a new job that requires a much more professional appearance – with the clothes and jewellery to match
  • You need to match or create jewellery to a special occasion outfit, such as a mother-of-the-bride dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, a prom dress or a formal party gown
  • Then you are at the right address!


Just contact me and I will assist you in a most professional and confidential way to help you with any kind of your wardrobe issue!